Medicinal Marijuana Makes People Take Less Prescription Drugs


 It has been reported that medicinal marijuana may indeed help lower the usage of all the pharmaceutical drugs that elderly people have been using, which means that it could be a safer alternative to those drugs that have been known to have some pretty serious side effects. This was proven by a recent study from Tel Aviv University. One of the things that were discovered in this study reveals that the elderly people who have been taking marijuana have not only gotten rid of the pain, but have also improved in the physical sense, emotional sense, and in the sense of cognitive health.


This particular study was performed on 19 elderly people between the ages of 70 and 100. It is important to note that all of them were suffering from serious medical conditions and some of them include muscle spasm, pain, lack of appetite and tremors. These participants have used marijuana in its various forms for over one year. Then, these patients were monitored in order to see if their condition would improve, as well as to see if their mood and state of mind would alter.

At the end of this year, improvement was shown in 17 out of 19 patients, which means that they have shown improvement in body weight. Also, these people have shown great signs of improvement when it comes to their muscle spasms, nightmares, pain, tremors, and even helped out with the PTST in patients who have experienced some combat experience back in the day. These patients have reported that they have been sleeping a lot better ever since they’ve started taking this therapy and have reported better mood as well as having better communication skills.

However, what is really important about this study is the fact that these patients have reduced the usage of their pharmaceutical drugs, such as painkillers, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, drugs for Parkinson’s disease, etc. About 71% of the people involved in this study have reduced the usage of pharmaceutical drugs due to the treatment with medicinal marijuana, and their usage of pharmaceutical drugs was lowered by 1.7 drugs a day, which is a huge thing. This is very important finding due to the fact that the patients could now lower the usage of those drugs that have extreme side effects and can even ruin a person’s health.

Because of this study the positive effect of the usage of medicinal marijuana is shown and because of other similar studies.  Medicinal marijuana has become a very popular topic nowadays. But, the most important thing here is the fact that these studies and researches offer real results.  These results make us question ourselves on our stance on medicinal marijuana. That is why it is extremely important to have more and more of these studies that offer us concrete evidence that this plant does not only make us feel good, it can also cure us; and according to these studies, it can cure us even better than what was originally thought.