Marijuana has been legal for most of human history. The marijuana plant is not a recent discovery; it has been used by various communities in different parts of the world for thousands of years. The marijuana (Hemp) plant itself has been used over the centuries for making clothing, ropes, paper products, incense, as well as food, among others

Mexican border

The route for marijuana

Around 1910, many Mexicans started to immigrate to the USA in order to escape the Mexican Revolution. They brought with them concepts regarding marijuana that were new to the Americans. They were using cannabis for medical as well as recreational purposes. As the population of these immigrants continued to increase, the Southern states, which were receiving them, started raising alarms, associating the use of cannabis with criminal activities. Newspapers started running headlines speaking of ‘the Mexican menace’. They started claiming that Mexican men were going crazy from smoking cannabis and were also killing people. In 1915, El Paso in Texas became the first city to ban cannabis. This marked the beginning of the campaign to ban marijuana in the whole of the United States.

Reasons why cannabis was made illegal

The following are some of the reasons why cannabis was made illegal:

– It is seen as addictive

Marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 based on the fact that it has a high potential for abuse. The reason behind this categorization was because there is a perception that people who smoke cannabis are likely to become hooked to the drug and become ‘potheads’; eventually becoming dependent on the drug.

-It has no meaningful medicinal value

Marijuana is associated with many medical benefits, including treating glaucoma and cancer, among other diseases. However, these health benefits have not been recognized well enough on a national level. For this reason, the federal government has never seen the need to fund any scientific research on marijuana for medical purposes. Up to the present day, the use of cannabis for medical purposes still remains a serious national controversy. Notwithstanding, a large number of states have legalized medical marijuana for sale in dedicated dispensaries which, starting in Colorado, have become some of the top recreational cannabis dispensaries at the same time.

medical dispensary

medical and recreational

-Marijuana has been historically associated with narcotics

The antidrug laws which were crafted a long time ago to regulate narcotics, such as heroine and morphine, also categorized marijuana as a narcotic drug.

This association unfortunately stuck and even now, marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug, together with cocaine and heroin. It is convincingly portrayed as a ‘gateway drug’, leading to further addiction.

-It is associated with unfashionable lifestyles

Cannabis has always been perceived as a drug for losers and hippies. This association makes many people shy away from consuming marijuana, especially smoking it. Users of cannabis often portray a very negative image to non-users.

-At one time it was associated with oppressed minorities

In the 1930s, there were intense anti-marijuana campaigns targeted against Mexican-Americans in a bid to discourage their sub-culture from developing, and with it, the use of cannabis. This campaign contributed a lot toward making consumption of marijuana illegal in the USA.

-Weak appeals by marijuana advocates

The arguments that are used by marijuana advocates in a bid to have it legalized are often unconvincing. Many people who do not use the drug need to be convinced that marijuana can be used in some beneficial way. They need to see concrete evidence that marijuana can indeed cure certain diseases, such as cancer and be a safe pain killer in many other medical conditions. They also need to work harder in trying to reduce the negativity associated with marijuana use.

These are some of the reasons why cannabis was made illegal.


The prohibition of cannabis


Failure of prohibiting cannabis and the need to reform the laws is the most obvious policy decision facing the world. Anybody who understands the cannabis issue knows that it must be legalized, and all opposition to it is based on prejudice, ignorance, misinformation, or a profit motive to keep it illegal. It is amazing how so many intelligent people believe cannabis should be illegal, as despite being intelligent in other respects, they are completely dim about this issue. It’s somewhat like how racism was prevalent for so many centuries and even educated people like doctors believed ridiculous notions that physical and mental inequality were based on something as superficial as skin color. It’s a testament to the power of social construction; when the world agrees with something, the individual often agrees with it too, and does not give it a second thought. But all it takes is a willingness to surpass stubbornness and some thought to realize how much of a failure Cannabis Prohibition is.

With other social issues, it is often arguable why something should be the way it is. For example, with abortion, both pro-life and pro-choice advocates have valid points, although I agree with a woman’s right to choose. Both sides have valid points to offer forward and evidence to back them up. When it comes to cannabis, the side that wants to continue the status quo has no truly valid evidence. The entire support for the Prohibition of cannabis comes from politics, hatred, racism, and biased science.

Federal drug warning

Mis-information at its funniest

 Even if cannabis were as dangerous as Prohibitionists make it out to be, it would still be infinitely safer than alcohol and tobacco (substances that kill hundreds of thousands a year, whereas history does not prove that for cannabis). Why would you want to take away a safer alternative that people could use instead of these substances? Empirical and scientific evidence shows that if cannabis were legal, people would drink less and substitute with weed, which is inarguably much safer than alcohol consumption. This poster states differently!

Cannabis has stayed illegal because the most powerful people have a stake in its illegality. If cannabis and hemp were legalized, then alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical companies would be heavily weakened, as would petrochemical and other industries which would be disrupted by hemp. It would be ideal for the public good, but because it hurts those strong special interests, they lobby relentlessly to keep the plant illegal.

Anti weed poster

The smoke of hell sounds good to some

What is the great fear of cannabis being legalized? The worst thing about Prohibitionists is their insistence on the weakness of humanity saying that we are bugs that need to be kept in a net of fear to keep us from hurting ourselves. NO! People most often make good choices for themselves and won’t easily drive themselves into despair. If cannabis were legal, people would, for the most part, use it responsibly, and there would be a sizeable portion of the population who doesn’t enjoy it all, as is the case with alcohol and tobacco. There would be no more arrests, no more fear, no more wasted money, no more destroying the environment trying to eliminate cannabis plants, no more targeting sick patients. It would all end with legalization, and it needs to happen sooner than later.

Innovation in the Cannabis Industry


Innovation is the cornerstone of the free market system. Without it, new technologies and products will be hard to come by; people will be using the same products and technologies that have been around for a long period of time. Innovation helps to improve our lives in several ways, including the following:

– Bringing brand new products or services to the market,

marijuana branding

Branding is essential

– Improving on an existing product.

Cannabis investors now have a great opportunity to bring new innovations to this emerging industry. This means that we are likely to see new marijuana based products, including marijuana edibles, concentrates, as well as new strains. In addition, entire support structures are being developed in order to support the cannabis industry. Businesses offering merchant services, marketing companies, as well as courier companies are all coming up with new ideas that are meant to support this industry in order to propel it from the backwaters to the mainstream. These businesses are being founded by investors with big money, including former executives of tech companies. For this reason, we can expect a lot of new innovations from these companies since they are well endowed as far as finances are concerned.

The following are some of the new innovations that are now appearing within the cannabis industry:

-Adaptation of business models from other areas

Cannabis entrepreneurs are taking models from other areas and applying them to their businesses. A case in point is a website like Leafly and Weedmaps. These websites are used by cannabis entrepreneurs to market their products.

– Developing new mobile phone applications

Marijuana mobile app

Online marijuana shopping

The technology industry is now developing mobile phone applications as well as websites that cater for marijuana users as well as marijuana-based businesses.

-Developing new setups, lighting, and growing methods

Because of the increasing demand for cannabis and the need to reduce production costs, leaders in the cannabis industry are now experimenting with new setups as well as growing and lighting methods commonly associated with commercial farming. For instance, in Denver, 4.5 million square feet of warehouse space is devoted to growing cannabis, thus necessitating more energy requirements for lighting in these indoor growing facilities. For this reason, some companies are hiring experts in lighting technology who previously worked in big organizations, including NASA, to come up with new innovations in lighting technology in order to reduce lighting costs.

In addition, cannabis growers continue to look for new growing setups. This is because of the need to reduce growing costs.

– Development of new marijuana concentrates

Marijuana concentrates are becoming immensely popular with many cannabis users. For this reason, some companies are looking for innovative ways to develop new, more potent concentrates in a bid to stay ahead of their competitors. Although it is illegal to make concentrates at home in certain states, including Colorado, businesses are allowed to set up licensed laboratories to extract concentrates for retail sale.

Additionally, companies that are involved in the manufacture of marijuana concentrates need to devise innovative processes of making them. They also need to develop new products in order to meet the rising demand for marijuana concentrates. In addition, new methods of delivering cannabis to consumers are also needed since smoking a joint still holds some stigma. Presently, developers are coming up with products like marijuana e-cigarettes, pot patches, and topical and tincture creams.

The Cannabis Wax Making Process


In the last year or so, marijuana wax has gained a lot of popularity within the community of stoners. Marijuana wax is also known as ‘ear wax’, or simply ‘wax’. This cannabis concentrate is more powerful than other forms of cannabis strains. It has a reputation of giving the user a quicker, stronger high.

Marijuana wax gets its name from its close resemblance to ear wax. It is also known as BHO (Butane Hash Oil). The process of ingesting marijuana wax is known as dabbing and the one that is used to produce it is called blasting.

bho cannabis explosion

Don´t let this happen to you

The process of making cannabis wax

Making cannabis wax needs a lot of care. This is because it involves using an extremely flammable fluid, such as butane or lighter fluid. First of all, you need to have the following:

-One ounce of uncut cannabis,

-Extraction tube,

-Butane canisters,

-Coffee filters,


-Collection dish,

-Concentrate container.

After you have gathered the above mentioned items together, follow the steps below:

  1. Get yourself an ounce of high quality uncut weed that has been dried,
  2. Stuff your weed into a clean extraction tube that is made of glass. Make sure the weed is tightly packed inside the extraction tube in order to avoid the formation of air pockets.
  3. On the opposite end of your extraction tube, which is now packed tightly with weed, begin dripping the butane through. Do this slowly and in a controlled manner. On the other end of the extraction tube, attach coffee filters tightly around it so that the liquid that runs down will go through the filters. The drippings are meant to fall onto a collection dish.
  4. Once the butane in the butane can is exhausted, remove the can and allow the butane that is still remaining in the extraction tube to make its way down through the filter and into collecting dish.
  5. The last step is the evaporation part of the process. Your collecting dish should now be filled with a golden brown liquid. Get hold of your collecting dish and place it in a large flying pan full of hot water. At this point the mixture should begin to bubble. If the water becomes cool, make sure that you change it. In addition, don’t allow the mixture to remain in the hot water longer than necessary because this can make your product become dark and degraded. The moment the oil stops bubbling, the process is complete. The marijuana concentrate that remains can be placed in a concentrate container.


Because butane is a highly flammable liquid, the extraction process should only be carried out outside of your house. Carrying out cannabis wax making inside your house is very dangerous. Butane gas is heavier than air it will therefore pool in low areas. If allowed to collect, it will become flammable. In addition, wear eye protection as well as gloves, and keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Do not smoke or have an open fire anywhere near the place where you are carrying out the extraction process, even if it is outside.

Making cannabis oil

Making weed oil is dangerous

Once the liquid dripping from the extraction tube becomes completely transparent, it is an indication that all the THC oils from the weed have been extracted from the extraction tube.


As this process involves highly flammable materials the writer recommends that you do not attempt to try this at home. The guide is merely intended to illustrate how people have set up home-made extraction processes. Please leave the process to qualified experts and do not put yourself in a position of risk.

3 ways to to properly market your cannabis dispensary


Traditionally, recreational cannabis dispensaries, growers, infused products businesses, as well as retailers relied upon word-of-mouth advertisement in order to ensure their products reached a wider market. Many of them used to market their products through online marketing sites, such as Weedmaps and Leafly. Others opted to put their ads in alternative newspaper in other regions.

These marketing strategies used to work well for them until the cannabis business started to expand as a result of legalization in several states and countries around the world. This has led to a more competitive business environment that now calls for more innovative marketing strategies. Here below are 3 ways to market your recreational cannabis dispensary properly:

– Branding

One way of helping recreational marijuana dispensaries owners to market their products effectively is branding. Bruse Nassau, the co-founder of Tru Cannabis, believes that branding is the single most important factor when it comes to marketing. He also believes that customer recognition is the most valuable asset any business can possess. He is the owner of 5 recreational dispensaries in Colorado.

He says that a brand marketing campaign can help establish a name for your company. It won’t take long before your company starts to become a recognized and respected brand in the world of recreational cannabis dispensaries. This in return will help open a lot of opportunities for your company and grow your revenues too.

He suggests that your client from Denver can easily access your recreational dispensary in another city, for instance Portland, if you have branded your company successfully. A client only needs to know the name, logo, and reputation of your business in order to make a purchase without any inconvenience. Bruse calls this strategy “Walgreen’s Model”.

-Use of Thematic Artwork

marijuana drinks

Colorful artwork captures

As opposed to TV and radio, online and print media ads use works of art in order to attract prospective clients. For instance, medicines sell best if they are depicted in publications. The same principle can work for marijuana and marijuana edibles. For effective marketing of your recreational dispensary, have a picture of the entire marijuana bud in-frame. This will help add images of edibles and rare novelties. Make sure you use professional photos, especially when you are showcasing your recreational dispensary itself. The more creativity you use to thematically reinforce your brand, the better the results will be.

Avoid displaying over-used symbols in order to appear unique. Creativity will make your business noticeable and attract new clients.

-Embrace the basics

Simple advice

Keep it simple

There are still essential basics to every advertisement despite the many differences and demographics in ad styles as well as mediums. Verbiage should emanate from your theme and brand, but for effective advertising, you should utilize strategic phrasing such as ‘limited time only’ and also provide a call to action, such as ‘visit us today’. If you are located in a hidden location, draw a simple map or include an identifying intersection under the name of your dispensary. List your phone number using the largest font possible, and include your email and address below. In addition, include your working hours, slogan; weed testing results, strain descriptions, as well as testimonials, as long as there is enough space. Include your delivery as well as parking options.

To ensure that your ad works for you, throw in your web address, as well as your Twitter and Facebook icons. This will ensure cohesive follow-up interaction. Having a way of getting people visit you through these other mediums will enable you connect for free, over a period of time with email lists, online coupons as well as mobile apps.



Medicinal Marijuana Makes People Take Less Prescription Drugs


 It has been reported that medicinal marijuana may indeed help lower the usage of all the pharmaceutical drugs that elderly people have been using, which means that it could be a safer alternative to those drugs that have been known to have some pretty serious side effects. This was proven by a recent study from Tel Aviv University. One of the things that were discovered in this study reveals that the elderly people who have been taking marijuana have not only gotten rid of the pain, but have also improved in the physical sense, emotional sense, and in the sense of cognitive health.


This particular study was performed on 19 elderly people between the ages of 70 and 100. It is important to note that all of them were suffering from serious medical conditions and some of them include muscle spasm, pain, lack of appetite and tremors. These participants have used marijuana in its various forms for over one year. Then, these patients were monitored in order to see if their condition would improve, as well as to see if their mood and state of mind would alter.

At the end of this year, improvement was shown in 17 out of 19 patients, which means that they have shown improvement in body weight. Also, these people have shown great signs of improvement when it comes to their muscle spasms, nightmares, pain, tremors, and even helped out with the PTST in patients who have experienced some combat experience back in the day. These patients have reported that they have been sleeping a lot better ever since they’ve started taking this therapy and have reported better mood as well as having better communication skills.

However, what is really important about this study is the fact that these patients have reduced the usage of their pharmaceutical drugs, such as painkillers, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, drugs for Parkinson’s disease, etc. About 71% of the people involved in this study have reduced the usage of pharmaceutical drugs due to the treatment with medicinal marijuana, and their usage of pharmaceutical drugs was lowered by 1.7 drugs a day, which is a huge thing. This is very important finding due to the fact that the patients could now lower the usage of those drugs that have extreme side effects and can even ruin a person’s health.

Because of this study the positive effect of the usage of medicinal marijuana is shown and because of other similar studies.  Medicinal marijuana has become a very popular topic nowadays. But, the most important thing here is the fact that these studies and researches offer real results.  These results make us question ourselves on our stance on medicinal marijuana. That is why it is extremely important to have more and more of these studies that offer us concrete evidence that this plant does not only make us feel good, it can also cure us; and according to these studies, it can cure us even better than what was originally thought.