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WEED CITY Gangster life!
WEED CITY Gangster life!
GANG'S Create your own gang! POKER Poker Texas Holdem! BWEED Sports bettings! TRADER A real businessman WEEDBOOK WeeCity community!

Become the King of Pot

You come from the street... Develop your crops and your supply network to become WeedCity’s most influential gangster. Make a living out of selling weed whilst climbing up the social ladder. Become the most reputable dealer respected by suppliers, buyers, corrupted cops and money launderers. Grow rich and influent and rise to be the all-mighty boss of your own drug network, running it like a world-scale commercial empire. Several games are offered to launder your money!
Budah1991 at 07:56
thank you weekend warrior if you can send me more please
savage20914 on the wall of WeedendWarrior at 00:46
can u please send me some more weed at a good price thank u bro
Incus1985 on the wall of hatemost23 at 22:33
Thanks for them 250,000kg packages sound be great now :-)
WeedendWarrior on the wall of seb666 at 20:55
Thanks Seb can I ask you to put aside 50 tons of early pearl a week please?
I've sent again but have no idea what that means Guelo?
owen87 on the wall of guelo21 at 14:29
Available OG kush,white widow and various strains at good prices text (347) 201-...

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